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How To Apply Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

To ensure a perfect magnetic whiteboard finish, please :

  • Before application undercoat with a primer if the surface is absorbent to ensure the product is not absorbed into the surface.
  • Apply the magnetic paint to the surface. Apply 3 coats and allow to dry between each coat for 2 hours. Sand lightly between coats.
  • If using our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint White apply two coats of white primer to the magnetic wall to cover up any imperfections and the grey colour of the magnetic paint. If using our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Clear apply two coats of clear primer over the colour of your choice that has been painted over our magnetic paint. Allow primer to dry in between coats and wait 24 hours before applying top coat.
  • Be sure to use a different roller for both the primer and the whiteboard wall paint. If you choose to use the same roller, the water involved in washing the roller will have damaging effects on the whiteboard paint.
  • Apply one coat of Smart Whiteboard Paint to the surface after primer is fully dry
  • Only paint the specified coverage area as clearly labelled on the tin. Stretching the paint will affect the whiteboard performance.
  • Note this is a one coat specialist coating. To ensure optimum results we recommend rolling over the surface ten times during the coat.

Once applied correctly, our magnetic whiteboard paint comes with a ten-year performance guarantee.

How is Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint applied?